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Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg

In English

Locally known as AGS, is a Danish upper secondary school, where students who have completed their primary schooling with satisfactory results can study for three years prior to taking up places at university or other institutions of higher education. The American equivalent would be years 10 to 12 of high school, and a British parallel can be found in sixth form colleges.

The curriculum for each subject and the overall aims of the school are centrally decided by the ministry of education as are a number of compulsory subjects like Danish, history, English, a second foreign language, mathematics, physics, biology, an arts subject, physical education, religious studies, classical civilization, and social studies. However, each school is free to make up packages of two or three subjects (among the above or a limited groups of others) that are seen to interact and provide a synergetic effect when studied together, and the students are then grouped according to the package they have chosen, where certain subjects are studied at a level above the compulsory one.

Typical packages are mathematics and physics, English and another language or music, social studies with English and psychology, or biology and physical education. The packages on offer will conform to certain specifications, but will also reflect the school profile and special areas of interest. Click here for a more detailed description.

Another area of priority is our international work. We are proud to be a UNESCO school and have participated in many projects under the Baltic Sea Project and the TST project. Students have taken part in rewarding exchanges around the Baltic Sea or cooperated with students in other countries via the internet, for example in internet conferences, and the TST project has meant interesting study trips for small groups of teachers and students to places as far away as Barbados.

Over the years we have welcomed visitors from many countries, either for a short visit or for a longer period of time as guest teachers or exchange students, and it is a matter of course that all students go abroad at least once during their three years with us. This will often take the form of a one-week trip to a major European city based on work done in at least two subjects, and it is a requirement that the trip should contain some form of intercultural contact. In recent years we have been able to offer two third-year classes an exchange trip to Maryland with homestays with families from two different high schools, and we hope to be able to continue this new tradition.

Our third focus area is the study environment. We aim to provide for every student a safe as well as challenging learning environment in which they can all develop to the full extent of their potential. We provide study facilities centred around our school library and computer centre and encourage students to stay after school and study together. Teachers and specially chosen third-year students are on hand to offer help and support – and hot chocolate!

Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg wishes to develop in all our students a sense of responsibility, the happiness of learning and developing and a sense of solidarity and belonging.